Overview of GROUND ZERO - WTC New York Hotels

The World Trade Center came down on September 11, 2001, when Al-Qaeda terrorists flew two airplanes into the buildings. Weeks after the attack, even the insides of store windows were coated with white dust. Now, the area is bustling but the past hasn't been forgotten.

Building has been underway for quite some time. The upcoming memorial and museum will include artifacts, personal stories, a multimedia art gallery, and educational resources. Outdoors, there will be a green plaza with sweetgum and oak trees and reflective pools. There will be space to learn, explore, to sit and meditate.

People from all around the United States choose to make the trip to New York to see where the towers fell and to honor the memories of the thousands affected by that day. Upon arriving, visitors are always struck by the awe of the environment. The Memorial Pools stand as a landmark of the devastation, and though their cascading will bring peaceful feelings, there is a deeper sense that gives the area a haunting presence.

If you have come to pay homage to the people lost on 9/11/01, there are a few Ground Zero hotels that provide the best experience for your trip. World Center Hotel offers the premium experience. New York Marriot Marquis provides the most luxurious stay, and the Westin Times Square, a blended atmosphere for exploring more of New York.

World Center Hotel was opened in 2010 as the only hotel with direct views of the World Trade Plaza. Considered a boutique hotel, the entire experience when you stay in one of their 169 guest rooms, is based on experiencing Ground Zero. The hotel does advertise as being a great location for business travelers and tourists with every agenda; however, without an interest in the memorial pools or the ongoing construction, the mystery of this hotel is not as present.

The New York Marriot Marquis, though three and a half miles from the site of the towers, is one of the most popular destinations for travelers planning on touring the site. The luxury rooms are among the higher-priced in the Big Apple, but its plot makes window views well worth the cost. All-inclusive service gives people staying in the room the most restful experience for their trip.

Westin Times Square, also three and a half miles from Ground Zero, is popular with travelers who want to experience The Pile as well as other sites and sound around the city. Westin provides luxury rooms for competitive prices. Located in the revamped Times Square, guests of this hotel have easy access to one of the Big Apple's most thriving areas.

Residents of New York City will be the first to say that something of that day in September 2001 will always linger. As construction on the new One World Trade Center and the other towers continues, no one has the sense that the place will ever be forgotten. The new construction is slated to be finished in 2013, and the skyline will be awesome in beauty. However, everyone agrees that it will only serve to further memorialize the events of the past.

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