Overview of NEWARK AIRPORT (EWR) New York Hotels

Newark Liberty International (EWR) is an international airport located 15 miles southwest of Midtown Manhattan (NYC). It is located in the state of New Jersey, within the city limits of both Newark and Elizabeth. The most popular forms of transit from Newark Airport to Manhattan are either taxi cab or AirTrain Newark (a rapid transit line).

There are also many safe and clean hotels within a short distance to Newark Airport. Flying into and out of this hotel is known to be difficult and most guests should allow themselves around two hours before flight time to reduce the stress going out. By the same token, those arriving will want to expect delays and busyness to keep them from getting out for nearly two hours as well. As the tenth busiest airport in the United States, navigating Newark is tiring enough to make most people want a comfy bed for some rest after travel.

Hotels near Newark airport include Ramada, Best Western and a Sheraton, all less than a mile from the terminals. Within two miles you will find a Renaissance Hotel, an Econo Lodge and a Crowne Plaza. These choices range from upscale service to just the basics, but all six locations are serviced with free airport transport to and from Newark.

The Sheraton is known for providing more upscale service to its guests. The standardized design of their lobbies, rooms and services helps guests to know what to expect and that is nice after a stressful flight. If you are in town for a busy business trip, this may be the location for you.

Both Ramada and Best Western hotels function as mid-economy hotels. You make the reservations, and you make your experience. Though these hotels might not provide the stunning guest services and luxuries that you can find at independent hotels in the Big Apple, they do have a standard of service that offers comfort and necessities with minimal fuss.

If you are willing to travel a further distance, you can stay at the Renaissance Hotel. Renaissance locations provide guest services that relieve weary travelers of mundane details. Their rooms will be furnished with fine-quality amenities and exceptionally-comfortable bedding. The Ironbound Grill is found within the building and, unlike other nearby hotels, you will find free Wi-Fi in these rooms.

Both the Econo Lodge and Crowne Plaza are far enough from the airport to offer truly economy prices. Both hotels have clean, comfortable rooms, and if you plan on a brief stay before moving further into the surrounding cities, these offerings work well as a landing point.

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