Tips and Tracks for travel in New York, New York.

Tips and Tracks for travel in New York, New York.

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NEW YORK TRAVEL TIPS is a discount hotel reservation service focused exclusively on cheap New York hotels. Read the New York travel tips to answer all your questions about the city - where to go, best places in New York. Hotels, shopping, how to reach New York and much more.

10 Oldest Buildings in New York

If history matters and walls have ears, then some of the buildings in New York City have some amazing stories to tell. Below is a list of the ten oldest buildings in New York City and a fun historical fact or two about the city way back when.

1. Pieter Wyckoff House: Built in 1660, it is the oldest structure in New York City. In 1660, the Castello Plan was drafted, as the first guidelines to building Manhattan.

2. John Brown House: Queen’s oldest building was built in 1661, and at one point, served as one of the locations on the Underground Railroad, ferrying slaves to safety from the South.

3. Billou-Stillwell-Perine House: Constructed in 1662 on Staten Island, this house was built by Dutch settlers. Rumors have it that the building is haunted. Was it such a good dwelling that its residents just would not leave? See the house at night and decide for yourself.

4. Cubberly-Britton Cottage: Built in 1670, the Cubberly-Britton Cottage also resides on Staten Island. Historians claim that parts of the Cottage date back to 1650, but the official building date is listed at twenty years later, making it a home under construction for about half as long as the average life expectancy of the day.

5. Abraham Manee Homestead: Also from 1670 is Dutch Colonial and on Staten Island.

6. Conference House: This building was raised in 1675, and is infamous among diehard Americans as the meeting place of the Continental Congress and the British in an attempt to end the American Revolution. The failed attempt played an integral part of the States declaring and winning independence over a hundred years later.

7. Alice Austen House: One of the oldest homes in the United States, the Alice Austen House was built in 1690 on Staten Island (the same year as the Museum of New York Interiors). The home was an artist’s studio and is now a popular museum for tourists.

8. Friends Meeting House: Constructed in 1694 in Queens, it is the oldest house of worship in New York and was first used by Quakers. For the city, it is a meaningful location to visit to enjoy the history of the Christian faith.

9. Voorlezer’s House: Raised in 1695 is the oldest remaining schoolhouse in the city. It originally was used to teach children from five to fourteen all in one classroom. Education began its prestigious tradition on Staten Island where the Voorlezer’s House is located.

10. Treasure House: Raised in 1700, this was the site of a famous pillaging of British gold. The original builder, a true Robin Hood, hid more than $7,000 in gold in its walls.

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