Overview of UPPER EAST SIDE (N OF 58TH) New York Hotels

The Upper East Side, one of America's wealthiest neighborhoods, is home to lavish, high-rise condos, luxurious boutiques and elegant cafes. This is where "old money" lives. Not only does it flank the east side of Central Park (along 5th Avenue), it also houses the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Getty Museum, and the Cooper Hewitt Museum. When people refer to Park Avenue, 5th Avenue and Madison, they're talking about the Upper East Side.

Depending on what you have come to see, you will want to select a hotel that is close to the majority of your agenda. While the subway makes travel in the city easy and quick, the less you have to commute, the lower your stress level and the more time you will have aboveground to see the little bits of local life that might be missed otherwise. Museums are a great stop-off, and keep your eyes open while walking for some exquisite views of America's finest displays of architecture.

Upper East Side New York hotels are often architectural artworks in and of themselves. For example, The Surrey, a popular choice with guests in the area, has private, rooftop gardens and a wide-open view of the city skyline. The Mark is located in an orange brick, iconic building and the Loews Regency Hotel is nestled into a block that buzzes with traffic, both foot and car, day and night. Its facade is in one of the most popular people-watching spots in the city.

If you choose to stay at The Surrey, you are in for a once in a lifetime experience. As NYC Upper East Side hotels go, it may be the cream of the crop. From the artistic lobby to the rooftop gardens you might expect cold or inaccessible rooms, but instead, this location has made some of the most inviting rooms imaginable. Guests may even find that it is hard to leave their room to see the city once they have settled in.

The same could be (and is) said about the Markā€”for good reason. The popular "77 Room" has enough inviting amenities to keep people on a search for all the little treasures even on extended stays. The onsite restaurant is one of New York's highest rated establishments. Their room design will inspire guests to snap photos just to remember the homey feel that this hotel created. Famous French designer Jacques Grange designed the rooms to meld technological gadgetry and home-like accessibility at the same time.

The Loews Regency has its own onsite hair salon and fitness center. Though what really sets this hotel apart is its own nightclub, Feinstein's at the Regency, which features guest acts from Michael Feinstein, Tony Danza, Cindy Laupper and others. If you do not find entertainment to suit your needs right in the confines of this establishment that is not a problem either since it is situated nearby to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab, the Children's Museum and many other hot New York destinations.

Coming to New York is always going to be a catch 22. Even residents cannot find enough time to know the city well and in the end, it is all about finding you niche and making it your own. If you enjoy the bustle of business and success, the Upper East is where you belong.

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