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Four Seasons Hotel New York

Four Seasons Hotel New York is a 5 star hotel
57 E 57th Street
New York, NY  10022

Four Seasons, New York Details

Property Name: Four Seasons New York
Hotel Chain Name: Four Seasons Hotels
Address: 57 E 57th Street
Number of Rooms: 368
Number of Suites: 63
Number of Floors: 52
Longitude & Latitude: -73.97, 40.76
Room Types Available: Accessible Park View Executive Suite, Accessible Studio Room king bed, xModerate king, xPark View Executive Suite with one king, xSuperior king
Bed Types Available: 1 King, 2 Doubles
Number of Photos: 72

Weekday Room Price Range: $595 to $4450
Weekend Room Price Range: $595 to $4450
Promotions: Room type: City View Deluxe Room two double beds - $100 USD Hotel Credit ,, :: Resort Credit Included on 06/17/2013

Star Rating: 5.0
Average Review Rating: 4.47
Number of Customer Reviews: 104
First Customer Review Date: 07/16/2008
Last Customer Review Date: 10/26/2012

Recent Four Seasons Review: "a¤«a©¦a§city view delux i¼’aƒ€aƒ–aƒ«aƒ™aƒƒaƒ‰a«i¼–a³Sa—a¾a—aŸa€‚i¼•i¼a¹³c±³a»¥a¸Saœ‰a‚‹a®a§a™aŒa€a‚¯aƒ­a‚¼aƒƒaƒˆaŒaºƒa„aƒ¬a‚¤a‚¢a‚¦aƒˆa§a€e¶³a®a‚ªa„c§a«a¯a€aƒˆa‚¤aƒ¬a¾a§aŒe aa„Ÿa˜a‚‰a‚Œa¾a—aŸa€‚a‚a–a‚a–a€deluxa«a›asa™®e€sa®city viewa€€a®a»a†aŒa‚³aƒ³aƒ‘a‚¯aƒˆa§e‰¯a‹a£aŸa®a§a¯aªa„a‹a¨a€a„a¾a—aŸa€‚a¾aŸa€aƒ€aƒ–aƒ«aƒ™aƒƒaƒ‰a¨a„a£a¦a‚‚c‹­a„a®a§i¼•i½zi¼–a­³a¾a§a®aSa­a•a‚“a§aªa„a¨aƒ»aƒ»aƒ»aƒ»aƒ›aƒ†aƒ«a®aƒ¡a‚¤aƒ³aƒ›aƒ¼aƒ«a«i¼—i½zi¼˜a®µaa‚‰a„esZa®µaŒa‚a‚Sa€a“a‚Œa‚‚eº«a½“a®a¸e‡ªc”±aªe€…a«a¯a‘aa¾a›a‚“a€‚a‚¸aƒ§a‚¨aƒ«aƒ»aƒ­aƒ–a‚·aƒ§aƒ³a®e£Ÿaº‹a¯a»–a§e£Ÿa¹aŸa“a¨aŒc„¡a„aa‚‰a„a¡©a°—aŒaa¤a‹a£aŸa§a™a€‚aƒza‚¤aƒSa‚¹e¢a°a‹a‚Sa‚’a›¸aa¾a—aŸaŒa€a“a‚Œa»¥a¤–a¯a€a´—c·´a•a‚Œa¦a€aƒ›a‚¹aƒ”a‚¿aƒªaƒ†a‚¤aƒ¼a®a‚a‚‹e‰¯a„aƒ›aƒ†aƒ«a§aSa‹§a‚a§a™a€‚"

Check-in Time: 3 PM
Check-out Time: NOON

Restaurants Near Four Seasons: Outback Steakhouse, Subway, Starbucks, Michelin Star Restaurant, Burger King
Attractions Near Four Seasons: Zoo, Abercrombie & Fitch, Free WiFi Hotspots, Da Vinci Tour, Mikomos (dating spots)
Other Hotels Near Four Seasons: Helmsley Park Lane Hotel, Manhattan Centre Hotel, Helmsley Middletowne Hotel, Oakwood At The Centria, Flatotel

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